Gatherings at Ellicott's Retreat

Ellicott City, Maryland

KCI provided site/civil engineering and support services for this 10-building, 160-unit, age-restricted residential development. Our team performed survey of the existing property, boundary location, engineering for completion of the required final record plat, development of an environmental concept plan, creation of a site development plan and construction support services including construction stakeout. KCI also prepared meeting materials and attended the community input meeting, planning board hearing and design advisory panel hearing on behalf of the owner.

The development included 10 five-story buildings totaling 160 units, a community center and a plaza area. The ultimate outfall for that developmentā€™s stormwater management facility was created with the intention of extension once the property was developed. Stormwater management for the site was designed to capture and treat new impervious surfaces to meet the state-required environmental site design volume for quality. In addition to quality treatment, an underground storage facility was designed to capture the treated runoff from the site, including drainage from the nearby Orchard Meadows site property, as well as managing the volume for future large storms. In post-development conditions, the storms were managed and outfall improved.

The project site also contained multiple retaining walls ranging from six feet to thirty feet high. KCI prepared landscaping plans for the micro-bioretention planters and facilities in addition to interior and perimeter landscaping to exceed the county requirement. The planted flora was selected to blend with the layout of the development, soften the building lines and accent the building materials seamlessly.