Federal Aid Pavement Restoration Citywide

Washington, DC

Federal-Aid-Pavement-Restoration-Citywide-Crosswalk-PaintUnder multiple consecutive contracts, KCI has provided construction management services for the District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) federal aid project for pavement restoration, citywide. Our team provided construction management oversight for work under this contract including:

  • Inspection of all work done
  • Enforcing all applicable plans, specifications, and contract provisions
  • Measuring and recording the quantities and progress of all work performed
  • Keeping abreast of the contractor’s rate of progress
  • Advising the DDOT Program Manager of any appreciable deviation from the proposed work schedule
  • Compiling and recording required information for the progress, semi-final, and final estimates for payment including all appropriate records, tickets, and other required submissions
  • Ensuring that the contractor maintains safe conditions throughout the project, including safety of traffic, the public, the contractor’s personnel, and KCI personnel

Project processes, including workforce training, assimilation to multiple ongoing tasks, DDOT and federal reporting requirements, and the timeliness and efficacy of resolutions to issues were enhanced by the use of tablets by the KCI project team and paperless document management. Several tasks were high profile and time-sensitive, such as milling, repaving and striping to get Pennsylvania Avenue ready for President Obama’s second term inauguration.

The team evaluates the existing pavement conditions, determines rehabilitation repair remedies, prepares material estimates, makes recommendations for contract groupings, and evaluates the contract time for construction duration. KCI handled contract preparation for the upcoming construction season.