Environmental Services for Hazardous Waste Handling

Baltimore, Maryland

Under an on-call contract, KCI assisted the Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) in pre-demolition hazardous materials investigations and remediation. This assistance has included:

  • Preparation of contract documents and bid assistance for the award of an on-call abatement and remediation contract
  • Hazardous materials surveys and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments of entire blocks or individual properties to be demolished
  • Preparation of hazardous building materials reports
  • Abatement scopes and cost estimates;
  • Project oversight, air monitoring and abatement certification during the abatement and remediation of hazardous materials

These services have been provided for approximately 50 blocks including more than five hundred properties throughout Baltimore City in support of DHCD’s mission of promoting community development through targeted demolition of vacant and derelict properties.

Building Surveys. KCI has performed more than 50 whole-block demolition NESHAP surveys including approximately 500 building surveys. Our licensed and accredited inspectors surveyed the buildings for asbestos-containing materials, lead-based paint, polychlorinated biphenyls, mercury-containing equipment, regulated refrigerants and fuel storage tanks. Because the buildings were vacant and in disrepair, the firm’s scope also included gaining access to the buildings, assessing the safety and stability of the buildings, maintaining a safe and secure site during the surveys, and re-securing properties at the completion of the work. Safety is a critical concern considering a majority of these properties are in poor condition due to fire and/or water damage. Preventative measures such as PPE, safe work practices, and strong decision making skills are essential elements of our approach.

Based on the surveys, KCI prepared hazardous building materials reports, which detailed the quantities and locations of hazardous materials that were found, provided recommendations for which materials need to be removed prior to demolition, and offered guidance on the methods to be used for abatement or remediation. The reports included drawings and photographs, as needed, to convey necessary information to the remediation contractor.

Bid Assistance. DHCD retained KCI to revise its technical specifications for a three year on-call abatement and remediation contract. KCI amended the existing contract to incorporate DHCD’s comments, added a section for asbestos abatement, and offered suggestions to improve the specifications, based on our team’s extensive experience with bid assistance and project oversight on abatement and remediation projects. After attending pre-bid meetings, answering RFIs and assisting with bid selection, KCI reviewed health and safety and master work plans for the winning bidders to ensure compliance with contractual and regulatory compliance were met.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. Our team has conducted Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) following ASTM Standard E1527-13 for various properties for the DHCD. Soil testing was completed to identify lead, arsenic and other heavy metals and other potential contaminants for some of the properties. Surveys identified and located underground storage tanks (USTs). Tasks also included providing recommendations regarding suitability of the subject site for agricultural use such as a community vegetable garden or urban farm, residential or commercial or recreational use and the environmental remediation necessary to accomplish them.

Project Oversight. During the abatement and remediation of hazardous materials, our team provided oversight to ensure that the contractor followed contractual and regulatory requirements, to verify the quantities of materials removed and, when necessary, provide air sampling and analysis for asbestos fibers. As the city’s representative on sight, the firm was also frequently called on to address problems related to the project on the behalf of the city. Although not specifically part of KCI’s scope, Our team also assisted with community relations, site security and response to unforeseen conditions.