Dundalk and Sollers Point Technical High School

Dundalk, Maryland

KCI provided site/civil engineering, landscape architecture, forestry, and construction administration services for the demolition of Dundalk High School and the construction of a new 365,307-square-foot facility to house programs of both the original Dundalk High School and Sollers Point Technical High School, which was located a few miles from the site.

Our team assisted GWWO in developing a set of phased construction documents to provide the faculty and students with an updated, $79 million facility that meets current county and state academic requirements, as well as current building codes. Engineers prepared an extensive existing document and completed on-site research to provide the county with a recommendation regarding all site related items including paving, pedestrian and vehicular traffic patterns, utilities, stormwater management, and landscaping.

Dundalk-and-Sollers-Point-Technical-High-School-Micro-BioretentionSite work included the complete demolition of the building, all paving and utilities and the design of a new student drop-off, main parking facility, and a separate bus loop to serve the new building, which was constructed on the athletic fields of the 42.7-acre site. A phased construction plan allowed the existing high school to remain functional during construction. A new track facility and athletic fields were constructed where the existing building had been located. Our team of landscape architects also completed a forest stand delineation of the site, prepared a report and completed a forest conservation plan. The landscape design plans were developed with a focus on native species.

Utility design included a new closed storm drain system for the building, student drop-off, parking facility and bus loop, as well as the unpaved areas surrounding the new building. An upgraded water line service and a new sanitary sewer system was constructed. The stormwater management design consisted of above ground micro-bioretention areas located on the eastern side of the site throughout the new parking area.

Through innovative site planning and building design the new school achieved a Silver LEED rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.