Drafting, Design, Survey, and Permission Services Open-End

Statewide, Maryland

Baltimore-Gas-and-Electric-Drafting-Design-Survey-Permitting-SubstationUnder multiple on-call contracts since 1987, KCI has provided design, engineering, drafting, right-of-way negotiation, survey and permission acquisition for Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) throughout Maryland. As part of these contracts, KCI completed hundreds of task assignments covering dozens of project types including inspection, design, storm duty, post construction review and safety compliance audits and resolution and negotiations. These projects included system relocation, expansion, code compliance audits and system integrity improvement.

KCI used BGE’s Smallworld GIS system to design and manage aerial and underground assets including budgets for construction cost, new pole installations and ordering of material for construction crews. Services included:

  • Gas design: expansion, replacement, relocation
  • 4kV-69kV Primary and sub transmission design
  • URD, direct buried cable construction design
  • Cable replacement design
  • Distribution and transmission conduit
  • Highway relocation design and inspection (overhead and underground)
  • System reliability inspection and design
  • System expansion design
  • Aerial and underground reconductoring
  • 4kV to 13kV Aerial and underground system conversions
  • Residential and commercial developments
  • Overhead clearance inspections
  • Overhead construction inspections
  • Joint trenching (gas, cable, telecom) layout
  • 3-D laser and LIDAR surveys
  • Overhead outdoor lighting design (both private and municipal)
  • Gas main locating and corridor mapping
  • Construction alignment stakeout
  • Right-of-way acquisition

Types of programs that KCI has supported under this contract:

  • New business (URD, customer modification requests)
  • Programs (Cable replacement, defective poles, capacitor replacements, line clearance safety, Smart Grid)
  • Joint-use and projects (reconductoring, conversions, relocations)

Specific large task assignments included:

System Wide Inspection Program. KCI provided audit, theft of energy identification and emergency response in assistance of the System Wide Inspection Program (SWIP) program, which was an initiative by BGE to inspect their entire overhead distribution system for violations with the National Electric Safety Code (NESC). This program helped BGE to identify, classify and document violations on the existing aerial distribution system. Violations ranged from a location that poses an eminent danger to the public to a location that requires rearrangement of a secondary service loop. Pending classification, appropriate action was taken to insure the public’s safety. By nature, this action was very costly and needed to be accurate to insure that the appropriate resources were allocated to address the most critical issues effectively. Our team was tasked with the effort to review at each pole location the work of the initial inspection crew. Audits included verification of the priority classification chosen and attachments, as well as identification of safety violations. Inspection results were documented and reported back to BGE for evaluation of issues and violations on the system. When violations were found, KCI worked with the BGE design group to design the reconstruction of the facility to eliminate the violation. Once this reconstruction was complete, KCI revisited the location to verify the work was done correctly, and the violation was remedied. In addition to the audit services, KCI was on-call to respond to any location that was found classified as a 1-E. A location with a 1-E classification was one that posed an eminent threat to public safety. Once on site, KCI secured the area until BGE could dispatch the appropriate crews to resolve the issue.

East Towson 34kv upgrade for Towson University. KCI designed the upgrade to an existing 34kv electric feed to Towson University. This project took place in multiple phases which included an initial feasibility study to determine the logistics of designing and constructing the project. Our team’s design encompassed overhead electric distribution design utilizing new and existing BGE owned poles, concrete encased conduit plans with planning profiles, and an electric connectivity cabling plan. Utility research on existing public and private utilities was performed, along with right-of-way research to ensure BGE could install their new facilities in public spaces and ways without interfering with existing water, sewer, storm drain, telephone, or fiber optic services along the route. The project involved many community outreach meetings due to its location and the potential impact to highly populated commercial businesses. Our role in the design phase of this project was to provide the most economic design for the large scale project while meeting all of the client and BGE customer needs. The project was examined closely to minimize traffic impacts during construction to ensure commuter and construction personnel safety.