Delaware NPDES Storm Drain Inventory and Inspection Program

Statewide, Delaware

DelDOT-NPDES-Storm-Drain-Inventory-and-Inspection-Program-Camera-InspectionUnder multiple open-end agreements totaling more than $6.5 million, KCI is providing statewide inventory, inspection and database management services for DelDOT’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) and BMP facilities. The primary focus of the work is to improve stormwater quality by performing the following:

Inventory and Inspect DelDOT’s MS4 and BMPs. Using a customized field data collection application powered by the ESRI ArcEngine platform, our field crews inventory and inspect the stormwater infrastructure statewide. GPS equipment linked to rugged laptops are used to locate features, collect inventory data and assess conditions of both point features (manholes, inlets, outfalls) as well as linear features (pipes, ditches). Inspection of pipe conditions is performed using a pole-mounted camera that allows the user to optically zoom 200 feet into pipes sized six inches to six feet in diameter, without having to perform confined space entry.

KCI began with re-inspection of DelDOT’s MS4 in New Castle County subdivisions, based on a 5- and 10-year re-inspection cycle for subdivisions. Crews also completed the initial inventory/inspection in Kent and Sussex Counties. Work also included both field-level MS4 initial inventory and inspection work for recently accepted subdivisions and desktop MS4 inventory on non-subdivision roads that were recently improved.

Annual BMP Inspections. DelDOT owns an estimated 400+ stormwater BMP facilities, including ponds, media filters, biofiltration, sedimentation devices, bioretention, infiltration basins and trenches, check dams, etc. As required by DelDOT’s NPDES MS4 permit, KCI is conducting a comprehensive program to locate, evaluate, and remediate stormwater BMPs through an annual inspection process, in the interest of maintaining water quality treatment at these facilities. In 2007, KCI developed a statewide stormwater BMP inspection and maintenance manual that provides a consistent protocol for inventorying, inspecting and maintaining BMPs.

In 2015, 478 BMPs were inspected. At the end of each calendar year, KCI summarizes the inspections and submits recommended corrective actions.

Generate Maintenance Work Orders for Deficient Elements of the MS4 and BMPs. The field data collection application allows the crews to identify issues requiring maintenance by DelDOT crews. Synchronization of the field data with the master database allows maintenance work orders (MWOs) to be forwarded to DelDOT for incorporation into their Maximo MWO management system. Our team has submitted more than 500 MWOs to DelDOT, using the NPDES database to rate and edit MWOs according to the protocol set forth during meetings with DelDOT District Maintenance staff.

Develop Web-Based Map Viewer of DelDOT’s MS4 and BMP Infrastructure. In 2007, KCI developed a field application using advanced hardware, redesigned the existing NPDES database structure to allow for re-inspections, migrated all existing data into the new NPDES database design, and began development of a new field application to fit the new NPDES database design. In 2015, DelDOT tasked KCI with redesigning the existing NPDES field application, geodatabase, and web viewer to better support DelDOT’s business processes associated with creating, viewing, and reporting of NPDES data within the context of DelDOT’s mandated NPDES permit requirements. The proposed solution manages stormwater structures, conveyances, and BMP facilities and ancillary activities, including work orders, photos, attachments, and IDDE/Water Quality Investigations, within a single, centralized framework capable of supporting associated workflows across multiple users and user groups. It is designed to become the core dataset within a modular, program-wide NPDES solution.