Cool Springs ITS Design and Construction

Franklin, Tennessee

Through our acquisition of RPM, KCI worked with the city of Franklin to design and oversee construction of a fiber-optic ITS system in one of the community’s most congested regions, from State Route 96 to Cool Springs.

Cool Springs ITS Map

This area is a thriving commercial, retail, and employment hub for the city of Franklin and Williamson County. It offers nearly 200 restaurants and major destinations that attract more than 13 million visitors annually. It is home to major companies and is a gateway into the city from I-65.

This federally-funded locally-managed project involved the design of a fiber-optic system that connects 32 signalized intersections and 12 CCTV cameras. In total, more than nine miles of fiber-optic cable was installed. Our team’s innovative solution maximized the use of existing conduit and incorporated several overhead design solutions.

Throughout the design process, every opportunity was explored to ensure that the limited project funds were used to maximize the actual expansion of the ITS system and avoid expenditures on non-ITS capital items. Continuous utility coordination with eight individual utility entities allowed for the exploration of several cost-saving solutions.

In order to ensure the availability of funding, the design was completed and permitted in just six weeks. Working closely with the city of Franklin and TDOT, the deadline was met so that ARRA funding for the $1 million project was maintained. Our team also provided construction engineering and inspection services for the project.