George V. Voinovich Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge Eastbound Bridge

Cleveland, Ohio

KCI was part of a team providing independent quality firm (IQF) review services as a subconsultant to the Design-Build-Finance Joint Venture Team of Trumbull, Great Lakes and Ruhlin (TGR) for the $250 million replacement of the 3,883 foot-long eastbound viaduct carrying I-90 over the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland-20140729-00591.jpgThe project involved structure design for the demolition and replacement of the existing eastbound viaduct; reconstruction of seven eastbound bridges and eight MSE walls; highway design for the reconfiguration of the 14th Street and 9th Street interchanges; associated design for connections to cross streets and I-90 mainline reconstruction for the alignment shift of the new bridge; and drainage design for inlets, storm drains, new outfall to Cuyahoga River and stormwater management facilities, associated utility relocations and traffic engineering for complex maintenance of traffic with staged detours, new signals, signing, lighting and pavement marking.

The design work was performed by another consultant with the contractor, design and IQF team. The design work included development of 11 build-able unit construction packages. The IQF team was responsible for review of each design package for compliance with the scope of work and contract documents. A detailed checklist of the scope requirements was developed and checked to ensure the design packages addressed these requirements within the plans and specifications. IQF team members attended task force meetings, performed “over the shoulder” reviews, and coordinated with ODOT and the team in reviewing the packages prior to issuance of construction. The IQF team’s role was to verify that the project is meeting the intended scope of work.

The Department and the City anticipate that this project will set a standard of excellence for the implementation of sustainable design principles. Among the required sustainability initiatives are:

  • Enhanced structural durability for longer service life
  • Progressive stormwater management and best management practices (BMPs)
  • Salvage and re-use of materials
  • Energy efficiency, including LED lighting
  • Improvements to the Cuyahoga River
  • Multi-modal enhancements

The project is expected to obtain a silver sustainability rating using FHWA INVEST rating criteria based on a joint Developer/Department scoring workshop.