City of Baltimore Department of Transportation Cityworks Migration and Support Services

Baltimore, Maryland

The city of Baltimore utilizes Cityworks for managing work operations in the Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Department of Transportation (DOT). Currently, each division has a separate instance of Cityworks with DOT’s being hosted off-site by Motorola Solutions. In order to create a single and cohesive system, DOT contracted KCI to assist in migrating their Cityworks instance into the DPW’s Cityworks environment, which is hosted locally at the city. This will provide many advantages, including leveraging the recent investments in IT infrastructure, allowing Cityworks to interface with other core city systems, and creating an enterprise city-wide solution for work management.

Services completed as part of this contract have included:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • “As-Is” Workflow Documentation
  • Data Migration Scripting
  • System Configuration
  • Cityworks Migration
  • Cityworks Training
  • 24/7 On-site Staff Support

Our project team is responsible for tasks ranging from gathering user requirements to the migrating data to the internal Cityworks infrastructure. KCI first worked day-to-day Cityworks users to understand current “as-is” workflows. With these documented, detailed data migration planning was performed. Analysts then staged a test environment in which automated scripts and routines to migrate data from Oracle to SQL Server were developed and painstakingly tested. Once snow season had concluded in spring of 2017, the team began completing the migration to the in-house Cityworks platform and performing any remaining user training.

As part of this project, KCI also provided critical support during snow season. This included developing customized user guides and standard operating procedures (SOPs), providing classroom training, enhancing reporting functions, and working onsite for 12+ hour shifts during all snow emergencies in the Emergency Operations Center.



  • Key system configurations were identified as a result of KCI’s comprehensive requirements gathering and workflow documentation services.
  • In-depth migration planning to coordinate project tasks and minimize downtime and risk.
  • Developed several routines using available Cityworks APIs and SQL scripts to carefully and methodically migrate data and configurations.
  • Provisioned staging environments (source and target) to facilitate script development and stakeholder acceptance testing.
  • Trained users for snow event management by developing specific user guides and standard operating procedures (SOPs) and leading classroom training sessions.
  • Worked 12+ hour shifts on-site at the Emergency Operations Center during snow emergencies.