Charlotte Area Transportation System (CATS) Light Rail

Charlotte, North Carolina

KCI provided engineering services to Archer Western Contractors in their undertaking of the construction of the south corridor light rail for the city of Charlotte.

Our team provided engineering services required for the construction of the bridges, including design of shoring systems, falsework and formwork for bents and concrete deck overhangs, demolition and erection plans. KCI’s experience with these systems and ingenuity helped provide efficient designs that saved the contractor time and money.

Using value engineering principals, engineers reviewed the original contract plans and identified opportunities for the contractor to redesign certain elements of the project. Using experienced staff, well versed in engineering and construction methods, several retaining walls in the uptown area were redesigned to facilitate better construction methods, providing a cost savings over the original design. KCI coordinated this re-design work and approval process through the engineering representative of the city of Charlotte.