Capitol Power Plant Revitalization and Expansion

Washington, DC

KCI provided construction management services for two projects at the Capitol Power Plant, which is managed by the Architect of the Capitol (AOC):

Capitol-Power-Plant-Revitalization-and-Expansion-BoilerRefrigerant Plant Revitalization. This three-phase $183 million project involved the replacement of two 3,000-ton chillers; installation of two 5,400-ton variable speed chillers; conversion to variable primary chilled water pumping and electrical upgrades; installing three cooling towers on the roof of the existing Capitol Power Plant, with associated piping and electrical systems; and a complete revitalization of the West Refrigerant Plant, with the replacement of three existing 6,000-ton centrifugal chillers with new 5,400-ton, variable speed centrifugal chillers. Other work includes structural improvements to extend the useful life of the plant by 50 years, safety modifications, fire protection, and environmental repairs.

Capitol-Power-Plant-Revitalization-and-Expansion-ExhaustCogeneration Plant Addition. This project is a hybrid design-build program and supports the AOC’s goal of meeting the requirements of the EPACT 2005/EISA 2007 Energy Reduction Goals and the Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT). The work involved the addition of two cogeneration systems, each consisting of a combustion turbine and heat recovery steam generator for cogeneration of steam and up to 7.5 megawatts of power (for a combined maximum output of 15 megawatts), along with a new building structure annexed to the existing East Refrigeration Plant to house the new equipment, and the phased integration of mechanical, electrical, and new technology for direct digital control.