Barclay Square Redevelopment

Baltimore, Maryland

With a redevelopment goal to transform  a distressed neighborhood into a stable community under a tight deadline, Telesis Corporation reached out to KCI based on a positive recommendation on similar assignments. Time being a leading factor, KCI was brought in to provide environmental investigations supporting the removal of more than 60 vacant and dilapidated row homes and the subsequent construction of five new garden-style residential apartment buildings.

Our team’s findings from the investigation revealed a number of environmental concerns including the presence of dry-cleaning solvent in the soil, several undocumented underground storage tanks and regulated asbestos-containing materials in the buildings.

In an effort to meet concerns about the potential liabilities, our team recommended that a further investigation be performed. Data from these studies helped in the design of an appropriate remedial strategy. KCI assisted Telesis in addressing these environmental issues with a three-prong approach, including negotiating the scope of the project with the Maryland Department of the Environment, performing additional studies and implementation of the remedial investigation, and incorporating the remedial design into the site development plans. These efforts were able to provide a degree of comfort to investors and financial partners and subsequently, the remedial phase of the project has come to a successful close.