Barbados Farmers Dam and Impoundment

Black Rock and St. Michael, Barbados

KCI was tasked with exploring the subsurface conditions of a potential dam site in Barbados. This project involved the construction of a small earth embankment and impoundment to provide irrigation water for the proposed Apes Hill Golf Course development. The embankment was designed to have a maximum height of 24 feet and be approximately 1,200-foot-long and constructed with local clay deposits. The proposed capacity of the impoundment was approximately 70 million gallons.

Because the site was abutting known karst geology, KCI conducted extensive subsurface exploration and laboratory testing to characterize the site.

Barbados-Farmers-Dam-and-Impoundment-CloseupFollowing the subsurface exploration, KCI was tasked with designing the dam embankment and reservoir. The design elements included a seepage analysis, conceptual design for submittal to the local approving agency, development of draft and final construction documents, and construction oversight. The seepage model was conducted using SEEP3D for three potential construction scenarios, including a homogenous dam and two zoned dam scenarios. The model was calibrated using soil and permeability information from the geotechnical analysis. The analysis indicated that due to presence of cracks within the clay foundation, an upstream impermeable liner would be required to reduce seepage through the embankment.

Based upon this requirement, the project was redesigned as a homogeneous dam with an upstream liner. KCI produced construction documents, including specifications, and drawings depicting existing site conditions, construction, grading plan, sediment and erosion control plans, liner details, and instrumentation. KCI prepared an operation and maintenance (O&M) manual as well as an emergency response plan, detailing necessary procedures for maintaining the dam; including inspections, groundwater level and seepage monitoring, vegetation control and tree clearing, and related issues; and emergency procedures. KCI has inspected the facility since completion.