Baltimore County MS4 Geodatabase

Baltimore County, Maryland

KCI conducted a needs assessment and requirements gathering process for the Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (EPS) for the MS4 NPDES Permit compliance data management requirements to submit annual reporting in the MDE MS4 geodatabase. EPS’s Watershed Monitoring section is responsible for watershed planning, stream monitoring, TMDL modeling and management, and the management of the NPDES permit compliance activities including annual reporting for the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit detailing the county’s planning, restoration and monitoring programs and data. EPS has various sections within the department that participate in the NPDES permit compliance activities as well as various departments throughout Baltimore County government.

Baltimore-County-MS4-Geodatabase-WorkflowOur team provided a detailed analysis and assessment of the MS4 NPDES permit compliance activities and data management efforts. The work involved coordination, facilitation and documentation of a series of business process analysis and requirements sessions with stakeholders covering all aspects of the EPS operations, including restoration BMP retrofit implementation, BMP inspection, IDDE, alternative restoration BMP implementation, impervious accounting and other programmatic activities.

KCI Business Analysts prepared a detailed process analysis including business process diagrams, and documentation of process improvement recommendations such as process integration, reengineering, parallelization and other streamlining techniques. The KCI team performed a detailed data analysis including a comprehensive source-to-target mapping from existing datasets to the target MDE MS4 geodatabase for permit compliance annual reporting. The team prepared a series of recommendations for review and prioritization with the County stakeholders. KCI is providing scope, cost and time estimates for a prioritized set of recommendations for the EPS program, and will identify the most cost-effective and efficient methods for managing the data in support of the compliance reporting required in the MDE MS4 geodatabase annual reporting submission.