City of Durham Asset Management Planning

Durham, North Carolina

The City of Durham Department of Public Works (DPW) desires to implement a comprehensive long-term asset management program that strengthens business and infrastructure decision making and provides defined levels of service to customers. The KCI team, along with Stantec Consulting Services, is providing services to perform an evaluation of the city’s current processes, tools and resources related to asset management. This project will provide a rapid assessment of the DPW’s existing asset management capabilities and will result in a roadmap for prioritized asset management improvement efforts. The initial focus will be on roads, stormwater, sidewalks and bridges, but will consider overall DPW capabilities where applicable. At the end of this project, the DPW will benefit from:

  • A common understanding of strategic asset management concepts among DPW staff.
  • A clear vision of the benefits that can be achieved with a strategic asset management approach.
  • An updated assessment of DPW’s current asset management capabilities.
  • A clear path forward for enhancing DPW’s asset management capabilities to effectively manage risks and deliver quality and affordable services to its customers.

KCI is using a streamlined assessment approach that is divided into a Discovery Phase and a Solutions Phase. An interactive workshop allows for real-time assessment of the DPW’s asset management capabilities and practices against a best practice model. Our team worked onsite with stakeholders in several work sessions in order to capture capabilities related to strategic planning, eew assets, existing assets and financial reporting. Each of these areas were evaluated across the areas of strategy, people, process, tools, data and results. The team is currently working on developing the gap, analysis which will identify key initiatives for the city to prioritize and adopt for implementation.

Services performed under this agreement include:

  • Strategic Visioning
  • Capabilities Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Asset Management Roadmap


  • Provided an introduction to Asset Management for over 50 DPW staff members to increase awareness about asset management principles and provide a feedback opportunity.
  • Analyzed scoring and reported current state of asset management in DPW in relation to industry standards and best practices.
  • Developing initiatives to be prioritized by DPW to further the development of a comprehensive asset management program.