Villages of Stoneybrook

Seaford, Delaware

KCI prepared plans and received record plan approval for the Villages of Stoneybrook in Seaford, Delaware. The project is a multi-family development with 60 single-family duplexes, 90 condominiums, 192 apartments, two community centers, three stormwater management ponds, open space, and associated parking areas.

Our survey crews initially performed a boundary and topographic survey on the 36-acre site. Following the initial site work, a concept plan was prepared, and a rezoning application was necessary to permit the requested use of the property. The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) had plans for a service road in the area, and KCI coordinated their plans with the site plan layout. At the request of DelDOT, engineers performed traffic counts along Beaver Dam Road in order to determine the annual average daily traffic and properly design the entrance/exit of the development. While preparing the preliminary plans, our team designed the roads, sanitary sewer, storm drain system, erosion and sediment control measures, and site and grading plans. The design of the stormwater management basins required additional subsurface exploration and geotechnical evaluations. Furthermore, off-site drainage design and easements were analyzed in order to safely convey stormwater from the site.

The city of Seaford determined that the existing sanitary sewer system did not have the capacity to handle the additional sewer flows from the proposed Villages of Stoneybrook development. Therefore, our team performed a feasibility analysis to explore the city’s initial recommendations for proposed tie-in locations and downstream offsite sewer improvements, which included modifications to the existing force mains and pumping stations. KCI conducted a feasibility analysis for the off-site sewer improvements and submitted the city of Seaford a letter report.