51st Avenue North Bikeway

Nashville, Tennessee

Through our acquisition of RPM, our team provided a vision to transform 51st Avenue North into a “complete street” to supplement rapid growth in one of Nashville’s premier neighborhoods, The Nations. The main thoroughfare for this neighborhood lacked much activity aside from the heavy industrial truck traffic. With the rise of new residential and retail amenities, the existing roadway was an uninviting street for pedestrian and bicycle activity.

Engineers evaluated advantages and disadvantages of various design alternatives to enhance the roadway via a road-diet, which included reducing the existing four travel lanes to two travels lanes with a two-way left-turn lane in the middle. The road-diet allowed for the re-purposing of the existing pavement to provide on-street parking and a two-way cycle track from Alabama Avenue to Centennial Boulevard. The two-way cycle track, signified throughout the corridor with green pavement and specialty bike pavement markings, uses flexible bollards and delineators to provide a physical separation from the adjacent traffic. Pedestrian infrastructure was upgraded with the addition of decorative crosswalks and signage to provide increased visibility.

Ultimately, this innovative design provides a safe facility for all users and aims to increase ridership and walkability throughout The Nations. Our team utilized design principles from the NACTO Urban Design guide as well as their own research in order to design this complete street within the existing urban foot print of 51st Avenue.  The project has been a success and traveling this corridor now feels safer and more like a neighborhood street, which was the intent from the beginning of the project.