450A High Zone 48-Inch Water Main Alignment

Prince George's County , Maryland

In an effort to provide safe and reliable drinking water to customers, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) is responsible for continually renewing critical infrastructure. KCI provided a capacity analysis, alignment study, strategic project management plan, community outreach program and initial design for ten miles of new redundant 48-inch transmission main for Prince George’s High Pressure Zone HG450A to meet the capacity criteria established by WSSC in supplementing the existing 42-inch to 54-inch diameter transmission main currently serving the Camp Spring/Temple Hills service area.

Engineers screened, evaluated and rated 10 alternative alignments on the basis of cost, constructability, hydraulic performance, environmental impacts, permitting requirements, operation and maintenance considerations, easement requirements, and schedule constraints. Once a final alignment was selected, 30% plans were prepared.