Our History

Early Corporate History

The history of KCI can be traced to a small firm operating out of the basement of the co-founder’s Baltimore County, Maryland, home in 1955. By its second year, Matz Childs and Associates took up residence in a proper facility, only to change locations several times over the next decade in a succession of moves that paralleled its growth. In 1969, the recently renamed MCA was purchased by industrial products conglomerate Walter Kidde & Company. Eight years later, Kidde merged MCA with three other architectural and engineering firms to create an engineering subsidiary that came to be known as Kidde Consultants Inc., or KCI. During the 1980s, KCI expanded throughout the Mid-Atlantic, opening new offices in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Employee Ownership

In August 1987, Hanson Trust PLC of Great Britain, a manufacturing company with diversified holdings worldwide, purchased Kidde, the parent company. Soon thereafter, KCI initiated an employee buyout from Hanson, which was completed in December 1988. KCI became Maryland’s largest employee-owned company. In 1991, the official name was changed to KCI Technologies Inc. In 2008, the corporate headquarters moved to its present location in Sparks, Md.

Continued Growth

In control of our own destiny since that time, KCI has been able to share its prosperity and success with all of our team. Over the years, our stock value has significantly outperformed both the S&P 500 and NASDAQ indices, turning some of our long-time staff members from entry-level employees into millionaires.

With revenues exceeding $344 million, Engineering News-Record has consistently placed KCI among the top consulting engineering firms in the country. Today, our roughly 2,000 employee owners operate out of more than 60 offices in dozens of states across the U.S. The timeline below highlights some of our amazing story since the 1988 buyout that redefined the firm.

1988 Timeline-Dash On December 15, the employee owners of Kidde Consultants Inc. completed a leveraged buyout from parent company Hanson Trust PLC.
1989 Timeline-Dash Kidde forms its first company-wide employee committee.
1991 Timeline-Dash The firm’s name is officially changed to KCI Technologies Inc.
1993 Timeline-Dash KCI’s headquarters is consolidated from four buildings in Towson to a single multi-story office in Hunt Valley, Maryland.
1994 Timeline-Dash KCI pays off our $6 million buyout loan, celebrating with a burn the note party.
1995 Timeline-Dash Terry Neimeyer takes the helm as president.
1997 Timeline-Dash Subsidiary KCI Environmental Technologies and Construction begins building stream and restoration projects.
1997 Timeline-Dash KCI goes live on the Web with kci.com.
1999 Timeline-Dash Terry Neimeyer is promoted to Chief Executive Officer.
2000 Timeline-Dash KCI appoints Terry Neimeyer to serve as Chairman of the Board.
2004 Timeline-Dash KCI Convergent Technologies LLC begins offering outside and inside plant communications installation.
2005 Timeline-Dash New Sons and Daughters Scholarship Program gives four students a hand with college costs.
2006 Timeline-Dash Nate Beil is promoted to President, Terry Neimeyer remains CEO and Chairman.
2007 Timeline-Dash KCI creates a Resource Management Discipline to focus on natural and water resource restoration and remediation planning and design.
2008 Timeline-Dash A new growth strategy starts with acquisition of Jacobs Environmental.
2009 Timeline-Dash KCI moves its headquarters into a LEED Gold-certified green building in Sparks, Maryland.
2010 Timeline-Dash KCI acquires ASC Geosciences Inc.
2011 Timeline-Dash Companywide ISO certification documents the firm’s quality management system.
2012 Timeline-Dash KCI acquires Triplett King & Associates and ESPA Corp to move more heavily into South Carolina and Texas.
2013 Timeline-Dash Convergent Technologies becomes KCI Communications Infrastructure with an expanded focus.
2013 Timeline-Dash KCI acquires Summerall Land Surveying and KCE Engineering to expand technical capabilities in Maryland.
2013 Timeline-Dash Our team celebrates 25 years of employee ownership.
2014 Timeline-Dash The firm’s Resource Management Group launches the Blue Current blog.
2016 Timeline-Dash New Utilities Discipline consolidates power, SUE and utilities coordination capabilities.
2016 Timeline-Dash Major expansion plans lead to new offices throughout the Mid-West.
2016 Dash KCI acquires RPM Transportation Consultants to expand capabilities in traffic engineering, transportation planning, roundabout and bicycle design.
2017 Dash KCI acquires Georgia-based LandAir Surveying, a recognized leader in advanced technologies including BIM, LiDAR and UAVs.
2018 Dash Nate Beil assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer. Terry Neimeyer remains Chairman of the Board.
2019 Dash KCI acquires Keith & Schnars, a multi-discipline engineering, planning and construction inspection firm with multiple offices in Florida.
2019 Dash KCI acquires Hoehn Landscape Architecture, a Baltimore-based boutique planning and landscape architecture firm.
2019 Dash KCI installs electric vehicle charging stations in six parking spots at its headquarters and adds two 100-percent electric vehicles to its pool fleet.
2020 Dash KCI acquires GCA Inc., a Georgia-based transportation planning and engineering firm.
2020 Dash KCI expands in Texas with the acquisition of the civil engineering and construction engineering & inspection practices of Landtech Inc.
2020 Dash KCI acquires South Carolina-based civil and environmental engineering company, Hulsey McCormick & Wallace (HMW).
2020 Dash KCI installs a germicidal UV system to treat airflow at its headquarters.
2021 Dash Christopher Griffith is promoted to president, retaining the role of chief operating officer. Nate Beil remains CEO.
2021 Dash Specialty structural engineering firm Bridging Solutions joins KCI in Florida.
2021 Dash KCI acquires Texas-based Civil Engineering Consultants.
2021 Dash Nate Beil is promoted to Chairman of the Board, retaining the role of CEO.
2021 Dash KCI acquires the Geomatics group of Weston & Sampson, further expanding the firm’s surveying, 3D scanning and mapping expertise.
2022 Dash KCI acquires the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, office of Sowinski Sullivan, a transit architectural and engineering firm.
2022 Dash KCI acquires AmChel Communications, a Texas-based telecommunications firm.