Wellness and Fitness Rewards

wellness-logo-finalKCI is doing more than thinking healthy thoughts. We’re leading by example. KCI promotes workplace wellness because we believe that wellness has the power to change lives and transform our organization. The mission of the KCI corporate wellness program is to establish a work environment that promotes healthy and safe lifestyles, decreases the risk of disease, and enhances the quality of life. It encourages employees and their families to strengthen their health and wellbeing through educational opportunities, wellness activities, and self-improvement.

The firm offers our team a robust set of programs, including walking challenges, bike-to-work events, free health assessments, and weight maintenance challenges, among others. At least 75 percent of KCI’s employees have participated in at least one of the company’s programs.

Since it began in 2008, the corporate wellness program has resulted in improved health status among our team. As our clinical measurements continue to point toward a healthier organization, participation increases.

In turn, the firm responds directly to employee concerns and requests. Based on the results of a survey, the company installed digital blood-pressure monitors in all locations to address a suggestion related to hypertension.

As part of the wellness initiative, KCI employees serve on a Fitness Rewards Committee. This program promotes a corporate culture of health throughout the company via company paid-sponsorship of athletic registration fees for team and individual races, sports teams, and other events.