Our Values

In 2019, a cross-section of managers and staff worked together to re-evaluate and refine the firm’s current vision and confirm our values. The goal was to hone this powerful language and answer the question: Why? Why does our firm provide the services that we do? Why do our employees choose to work here? Why does our firm make a difference in the world in which we live? We believe the Why is incredibly important! The result is an unwavering purpose, authentic value statements, and vivid envisioned future of what we’re all working toward.

Our employee-owned firm operates in four diverse markets across the nation. Our clients are incredibly diverse, with needs that vary from the simple to the complex. Our newly defined purpose is a “guiding star” that unifies everyone at KCI and solidifies Why we do what we do. It tells us who we are and where we are going. It cements our culture. It represents every one of us.

Employee ownership defines KCI’s corporate culture. KCI’s people are self-starters who enjoy mastering new technologies and solving project challenges. The company nurtures an open and challenging environment, where everyone can make a difference, be rewarded for their efforts, and enjoy coming to work each morning. As our company prospers, the chief benefactor is its employees. As participants in an ESOP, employees have a personal, vested interest in the success of their projects and the organization.