Brian Guillaume

Practice Leader

Brian GuillaumeBrian Guillaume is a practice leader for Construction Management at KCI. He has experience in the inspection and testing of construction materials and roadway construction including paving operations, sampling and documentation of materials and earthwork for PennDOT projects. His expertise includes the ability to test soils for moisture and density, concrete and lab testing of aggregates, the development and use of project spreadsheets, and inspection on commercial and landfill construction projects. In addition, Brian’s background includes a position as a quality control inspector for a steel products manufacturer and a college internship for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Cumberland County Conservation District to complete erosion and sediment control projects.

Brian has a bachelor’s degree in geology/environmental science from the Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. He is a licensed aggregate and bituminous field technician and is certified in concrete testing. He is also NICET Level IV certified in heavy highway construction and serves as an officer on the Central PA Construction Management Association of America.